6 big netizens to teach you skin care tips


6 big netizens to teach you skin care tips

It is convenient and unobtrusive to use, and at the same time, it can focus on combating the dryness and hypoxia of the air-conditioned room. The small items of heart water are naturally the favorite of OLs.During the lunch break, a facial mask and a SPA massage method can relax your nervous nerves, and you may also have a good mood for work.

Moisturizing spray is a must-have weapon in the office. Maybe the travel agency staff is most afraid of embarrassment: Drying “chicken claws” palm water small things: hand cream I care most about the hands of course!

Typing on the keyboard, holding the pen, and holding documents every day, not only will you be exposed to a lot of bacteria in your hands, but it will be particularly easy to dry.

Every time before and after going to the bathroom, wash your hands with liquid soap. After washing, wipe off part of the water with a tissue or apply hand cream when it is half dry. This time the absorption effect is the best.

I have always been fascinated by Neutrogena’s Norwegian formula hand cream, it is quite moisturizing, and it is most effective for dry peeling on the edge of the fingertips.

L’occitane rose and hand cream have not left hands recently. I like its taste very much, which can relieve the feeling of near collapse when working hard.

The travel agency staff is willing to maintain the care of the heart: If the hands are extremely dry and barbed, you can wear the disposable gloves provided by the restaurant after applying hand cream, and you can quickly change your hands in only 15 minutes.It is soft and does not interfere with typing on the keyboard and using the mouse at all.

SUNNY civil servants are most afraid of embarrassment: make-up has become a “flour” face and small things: I am a maintenance freak.

Give yourself a facial for 15 minutes every day after lunch and before you start work again.

A bottle of Bioderma makeup remover is always available in the bleach. It can be wiped from bottom to top with a damp cotton pad directly without washing with water.

After that, use Evian spray to wet the entire face and pat until it is absorbed (or wet the cotton pad with water, separate a thick cotton pad into 6 pieces, and apply it to the entire face for about 3 minutes), then apply a moisturizing and creamy cream.

If there are not many office colleagues, an eye mask will be used for additional care.

This afternoon feels completely refreshed.

Civil servant Miss Sunny’s water maintenance experience: If there is a situation of makeup and makeup removal, accompanied by laborious makeup repairs, it is better to remove and re-makeup. At the same time, the skin is given a “class break” to replenish moisture during the makeup removal process.Tidy.

  AMANDA company employees are most afraid of embarrassment: irritated skin, dry lips, heart water, small things: lip cream, the most inseparable is lip cream.

Sitting in the office is always drinking water one by one, so a lip balm that is moisturizing without adding too many ingredients is the most important.

The favorite is Clinique’s lip balm, which has no taste at all, so it is very safe.

Unlike ordinary lipsticks, which are solid, it is the viscosity of the emulsion. It is very moist and very thin. It does not “paste” on the lips but can be completely absorbed. Therefore, it does not worry that you will eat a lot of lipsticks.Use in heating room.

And lip balm can not only be used on the lips, but also apply a little on the corner of the mouth to prevent the appearance of dry skin.

Company staff AMANDA Xinshui Maintenance: Lip balm is also a good helper for card powder first aid.

If there is a problem of dry stuck powder on the face, eyebrows, and eye area in the afternoon, you can use lip balm to gently pat on the stuck powder, which can immediately eliminate the embarrassment of floating powder.

  The staff of JOY Accounting Office are most afraid of embarrassment: dry powder “climbing grid” in the corner of the eye: small mouth curry eye cream I am most afraid of the small wrinkles around the eyes in the afternoon, so afraid to laugh.

Therefore, there must be a muzzle cream eye cream in the office, which can be taken at any place that is prone to fine lines, because the mouth cream is relatively thin, and the makeup face is basically not affected.

I’ve always used L’occitane’s olive eye cream. It feels thicker when the eye area is particularly dry. It is also a product of mouth curry oil, so the eye mask can be slowly absorbed by the skin.

Especially the faint fragrance can also relieve vision fatigue.

Accounting firm staff JOY Xinshui Maintenance: To relieve eye fatigue, eye drops are often used.

Wipe off excess liquid with a paper towel every time after using the eye drops, because the ingredients of the eye drops will leave a white mark on the skin.

At the same time, apply eye cream in time to prevent the water around the eyes from being taken away during the evaporation of eye drops.

  Fanfan headhunting company employees are most afraid of embarrassment: static electricity causes the “thunderbolt babe”: the spray spray is really an all-round office care product. Before, it only relieved the dryness of the face, but later it was found that it is also effective for dry static hairvery effective.

Especially in the afternoon, the air conditioner sucks the moisture from the hair, so it is easy to get static electricity. You can use the spray to slightly wet the hair, mainly the middle and hair tips, and then gently comb with your fingers to eliminate the problem of static electricity.

The headhunting company staff Fanfan Xinshui maintenance experience: If the cleansing conditioner is used on hair that is not very clean, it will accelerate the problem of hair buns, and the spray will make the hair flow easily.

  YUE web designers are most afraid of embarrassment: it only adds “big value” to the small things: hair puff powder because the hair is particularly easy to get oily, and it is greasy and sticky on the scalp in the afternoon.The creator was instantly renewed.

It is actually a styling powder. When you go out in the morning, you keep the natural feeling of the hair. When the hair starts to oil in the afternoon, use this hair fluffy powder to grab a shape on the top of your head.Cool hairstyle, no one can see my oily hair.

Web designer YUE Xinshui Maintenance Classic: When using it, you can not touch the scalp, and when you go home at night to wash your hair, you should first rub the conditioner on the dry hair and then wash it with water to completely remove the similar stylingproduct.