[How to do it temporarily]

[How to do it temporarily]

Eating pork ribs is a habit of many families. It can effectively supplement calcium, but how to make it after making ribs firewood?

The way to stew pork ribs is different for everyone, but the cause of firewood is also related to various aspects.

Some cooking wine can be added to stew pork ribs, which can effectively remove fishy smell.

In addition, one aspect to pay attention to is the use of hot water to stew, the meat will be more tender and tender, do not worry about putting salt, it is best to put it out of the pot.

What is the reason for Pork Ribs Chai? Maybe you say that the time for stewing is different?

In fact, the key reason is a small detail in the stew process-the salt is put too early.

Many people have the habit of stewing pork ribs by first frying them with soy sauce, and then putting all the ingredients (including edible salt) in and cooking together.

In the end, it was found that the meat tasted more firewood, because the salt and soy sauce were not put in good time.

When the ribs are stewed, if salt or soy sauce is put too early, the salt will dissolve in the soup, the concentration of the soup will increase, it will put pressure on the cell membrane of the meat, and the water in the cells will be discharged.

It’s like a sponge, we try to squeeze it, and the water is replaced.

After the water is discharged, the protein and aunt will solidify prematurely, and the meat will be more firewood.

How to stew the ribs without firewood? To stew the ribs without firewood, use the following methods: 1. Simmer the ribs in the water first, remove the blood stains and foam (must be cold water into the pot, otherwise the meat will not stew), remove the ribs.
2, change a pot of water, pour the ribs and continue to cook (the water here must also be boiling water), do not add seasonings such as salt, you can add ginger, you can add a few drops of vinegar (so the pork ribs stewed easily soupin).

3. After boiling, simmer for 1 hour (as bad as the pressure cooker).

4, after the ribs are stewed, add MSG, salt and other spices.

Cooking point 1. Don’t use a pressure cooker to stew. Although the pressure cooker can stew the bones, but can’t stew the meat soft and tender, the casserole is the most suitable.

2, the first 20 minutes must be a high fire and do not cover the pot, the next 100 minutes, cover the pot with a small fire and simmer slowly, be sure to simmer for 120 minutes.

Reminder: It is best to choose small rows to stew, and large rows to stew and give out a taste.

Tips for Stewing Pork Ribs Soup 1. When stewing spare ribs, add a few clean orange peels to the pot to remove odors and greasy feelings. At the same time, it can make your soup taste more delicious.

2. It is best to stew the ribs until the bones of the ribs can be chewed.

A, if you want to add calcium to bones, you need to simmer for about 2 hours, and chew your jaws when eating, because the calcium in bones is difficult to combine with water, so I hope the soup will be nutritious and delicious for a long time.

B, if you just want to eat pork ribs, it won’t take long, about 30?
You can eat in 50 minutes.