No one speaks anymore,This is a collective embarrassment!

“I left the bedroom on time at two o’clock,I heard you are still sleeping,I think you just started to learn martial arts,Maybe the body can’t adapt to it all at once,Inevitably feel tired,So I plan to let you sleep one more hour,Ha ha。”
Bai Daochang said tolerantly。
“I’m so embarrassed,You actually let you sit here and wait for us,Ugh……”
Shen Ruoxi said embarrassingly。
“It’s ok,Just started,Understandable。”
Daochang Bai doesn’t mind,Let everyone relax a lot,Everyone thought they would be taught a few words by Mr. Bai。
“I’ll call all the girls。”
Murong Shan is going to the girls’ dormitory on the first floor。
“and many more……Don’t hurry,Twenty minutes to an hour,Let them sleep for another 20 minutes。”
Daochang Bai stopped Murong Shan。
“See how kind Uncle Master treats you!So you have to learn kung fu from Master Uncle carefully,Don’t let the uncle’s pains go to you。”
Qin Liang is tactfully to please his uncle。
“I still need you to say?Of course we know。”
Murong Shan answered with a smile。
This is in front of Daochang Bai,Murong Shan is so gentle,Polite answer Qin Liang,If Daochang Baek is not there,,That Murong Shan will definitely attack Qin Liang directly!
“Qin Liang,Don’t envy me for being kind to my apprentices,Your master is just as good to you,otherwise,Can he teach you one of his three unique skills?So many disciples in his Taoist temple have not learned that martial arts。”