How to solve the problem

How to solve the problem

Celebrities can’t think of depression, a celebrity can’t think of suicide . “Can’t think of it” seems to be everywhere in life.

A small heart knot won’t open. Is it really that serious?

In fact, many common mental illnesses, such as anxiety disorders, social fears, pre-test anxiety, depression, mania, etc., cannot be separated from the cause of “thinking”, and migraine, drug abuse, sexual dysfunction and anorexiaPhysiology and physiology are also mixed with “can’t think of it” factors.

What kind of demon is “can’t think of it”?

  A Western saying goes that perception determines mental health predictions, “The same thing, thinking about it is heaven, and thinking about it is hell.

According to experts in cognitive therapy, one of the most popular schools of psychotherapy today, the formation of human psychological problems is divided into three steps: incentives (family conflict, emotional breakdown, career frustration, interpersonal discord), and unreasonable beliefs.(Misunderstanding of incentives), results (bad behavior and emotions).

Among them, the unreasonable belief is the crux of the problem. In the core idea of cognitive therapy, it is “the way you look at the world and determine the way the world treats you.”

And “can’t think of it” is the unreasonable conviction of participation.

  In fact, life is unsatisfactory, and it is not uncommon for the mind to turn around for a while.

The process of coping with frustration is also an opportunity to stop and reflect deeply, to exercise our thinking and emotional intelligence, and it is worth encouraging to turn into positive action after opening.

However, if you ca n’t keep up the performance for too long, and some thoughts such as “live is meaningless, it ‘s better to commit suicide” last for more than two weeks, then you must consider depression.

  Well-known cognitive therapist Wesler summarized the common “cannot think” into three.

  Think too much.

That is to say, with a partial overview, hold on to a few leaks and overthrow the whole thing.

After six years of emotional baptism, Li Ting and her husband finally entered the marriage hall, but their hearts fell into depression because their in-laws’ wedding banquet had misplaced their seats. After the marriage, her husband couldn’t leave the “eccentric eye” evaluation.

  Think less.

It is a tendon. Everything is black or white. There is no room for maneuver.

On the Internet, a woman who was suicidal by her husband and “Primary Three” was once heated up. Some experts analyzed that her problem was to press the entire bet of life on emotions.

  Think bad.

There are two sides to it, but only the bad side comes to mind.

In the past, there was an old mother who loved to worry. Her oldest son sold umbrellas and the youngest son drank salt. So the old lady worried about the older son on sunny days and the younger son on rainy days, so she couldn’t be happy every day.

  Seeing positives in case of trouble is a kind of professional psychological therapy, but its principle can also be used for self-adjustment.

  People who think too much are looking for evidence to refute their unreasonable beliefs.

Li Ting has labeled her husband “eccentric eyes”, and now she can find some contrary evidence to refute herself. For example, her husband is very diligent in going to his mother’s home, but he is lazy to return to his in-laws.

  Those who think less should keep reminding themselves that there are actually other possibilities.

The match ignited in the pocket, but fortunately there was no gunpowder in it; his fingers were pricked, thank God for not piercing his eyes . Those who want to find something bad need to look for something positive.

After the clever man’s advice, the old lady finally realized that she would sell umbrellas on rainy days, and salt on sunny days.