“Is it expensive to eat here??Why are you so embarrassed to ask you to invite my family to dinner?……”

Ass just sat down,Liu Xiaoyun’s mother whispered to Qin Liang in fear。
“Ha ha,aunt,You don’t have to think about it,You just eat well,Just drink it well,Xiaoyun,Koyuki,You guys are in charge of ordering。”
Qin Liang greeted graciously,Nowadays,He wants to give enough face to Liu Xiaoyun’s parents,Because he really respects them from the heart。
The most active girl today,Became Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun who can toss the most,Today I’m so behaved I’m like a different person,Maybe it’s the first time I can be with my parents,She behaves more lady than lady,Goddess than Goddess。
In order to maintain her image,Qin Liang also made an exception today,In addition to talking to Liu Xiaoyun seriously,He didn’t tell her a joke,Nor as unscrupulous as usual,Talk to her all kinds of nonsense。
“Today we have a drink at the bar,As a celebration of Xiaoyun’s family reunion。”
Murong Shan suggested,Since moving to Shen Ruoxi’s house,,This big alcoholic star,It’s been a long time since I had a drink,Except when at home,I often use red wine to fill my hunger with Shen Ruoxi,Just enjoyable。
“you’re right!Today is indeed a memorable,Good day to celebrate!drink!Must drink!Hahahaha……”
Qin Liang booed happily。
“Drink wine bar。”
Shen Ruoxi said immediately,For her;Wine concept,Just means red wine……She almost never touches her lips because of other wines,Drank a few times occasionally,She feels awful,And they are all drunk。
The key question is;A stunning beauty like her,If you get drunk outside,What does that mean?She knows better than anyone!So from now on,Except red wine,She didn’t touch any wine。