Because Hu Lai thought of the specific tactics,So this training class does not require any guidance from Zhao Kangming。

It stands to reason that he can leave,But he is on the sidelines,I want to see what Hu Lai said“Small ideas”What is it。
Chen Mo helped as an assistant coach,Actually, the main thing is just blowing the whistle,He also doesn’t know how the team will train,What can be done is very limited。
As for how the players stand,How to run……Hu Lai has the final say。
Other players follow him。
If a teammate didn’t understand what he meant,He just pulls the opponent to the correct position。
On the sidelines, Zhao Kangming always had a strange sense of seeing this scene.:This kid is directing his teammates to stand like this,It’s kind of like a coach……
After commanding everyone to stand,Hu Lai told them how to run next,And pull out Chen Xingyi、Zhang Qinghuan, the two people, came to cooperate with them to demonstrate to everyone。
Watch watch,Zhao Kangming’s eyes widened:
This is so“small”Creativity?!
Thirty minutes of special training is over,The whole training process is constantly mixed with laughter and laughter,Not to mention training,Others thought that Flashstar players were playing games on the training ground。
Although the scene looks very rude,But the training did get some results,At least they have practiced the corner kick tactics that Hu Lai said.。
Everyone finished training,Talking and laughing towards the locker room,Took a bath and changed clothes,They will eat in the base restaurant,Then go to the dormitory for lunch,Prepare for the afternoon training。
Today’s training is two training a day,morning、Training session in the afternoon。
Hu Lai also walked to the locker room among his teammates,But he was stopped by Zhao Kangming who had been standing on the sidelines。
“Hu Lai, stay here for a while。”
Hu Lai came out of the team,Running towards the head coach:“Zhao, what instructions do you have??”