When these people look,Very shocking。
Actually now,Deep in their hearts,I didn’t expect such a thing at all。
But look at these again,At this moment,Those around,I’m very excited。
And Zhou Xinlin smiled:“in fact,This thing can ensure everyone’s profit。”
“We must short the company as soon as possible,such,Our chance to start,Will greatly increase!”
When Zhou Xinlin was talking here suddenly,obviously,Such a thing,It is very unexpected。
But seeing these,at this time,Zhou Xinlin finds it very interesting。
“All right,I won’t talk about other things for now。”
“Let’s now,I should hurry down and get ready!”
When Zhou Xinlin finished talking to him,,Now,Those around,Even http://www.bigappleny.cn more eager to try。
After all, from here,Next thing,How to solve it。
Actually just these problems,It’s totally necessary to deal with it。
“All right,I won’t talk about other issues for now,But from the current point of view,all of these,In fact, there is absolutely this way to solve it!”
When Zhou Xinlin finished,Others see it,Nodded again and again。
If you really start from this aspect,Then something like this,Really http://www.xinqinn.cn good。
Chapter 154 Dealing with Wang Teng
After the meeting,There is a person in Zhou Xinlin’s office。
When seeing here,Zhou Xinlin’s face,With a slight smile。