Job applicants should carefully submit their resumes

Job applicants should carefully submit their resumes

Career guidance experts suggest that job seekers must have a correct positioning and clear job search direction before choosing a job position. They cannot choose a wide range of choices because of the large amount of online information.

Appropriate use of some tips can also improve your “win chance”.

  Minimize the number of different positions posted by the same person, and avoid the impression of “footing more than one boat”.

  Pay more attention to positions that are directly notified of the interview.

After the application type information, job seekers can directly obtain interview notices without waiting for the employer to respond, shortening the application cycle.

However, it should be noted that job seekers must ensure that their age, education and other conditions meet the requirements of the employer.

  Search for job application conditions “tighten first and then loose”.

Job seekers can set conditions to be more “harsh” when they begin to search for positions, including work location, salary, and the nature of the unit, all “tailored” according to their first intention.

When you are unable to search for a satisfactory position, the conditions are appropriately relaxed.

  Watch for “outdated” information.

Since the job postings on the “Public Recruitment Network” are arranged in order of release time, many job seekers tend to focus only on recent recruitment information and disregard “outdated” information.

In fact, don’t look at these positions for a long time can not recruit people, maybe one of them is suitable for you.

  Note the additional conditions of the job description.

The job description may hide conditions that cannot be found during the search. If you apply rashly, you may waste opportunities.

For example, some employers set the condition of “residence in Xinzhuang, Qibao area” when recruiting drivers, but many people who live in other areas blindly submitted their resumes, but as a result, they were not offered interviews.

If there is no accurate and objective self-positioning, and there is “emergency treatment” when applying, there are no more choices.