De NUK baby powder exposed to carcinogens

De NUK baby powder exposed to carcinogens

Baby and toddler products have rumored to cause cancer again.

On April 2, South Korean media reported that infant talcum powders produced by well-known infant and child products manufacturers such as Korean Boryeong Pharmaceutical and Babyra were found to contain asbestos, a first-class carcinogen, which involved the very famous in the Chinese market.Imported products from Germany NUK baby powder.

According to China ‘s Ministry of Health ‘s cosmetic hygiene regulations, asbestos is a substitute in the ingredients of cosmetics.

Germany’s NUK is a well-known infant and toddler brand in China. It ranks in the top three in terms of market sales. It has special counters in infant and toddler business districts and supermarkets in Shanghai.

Yesterday, a Morning Post reporter saw at the NUK counter on the 6th floor of Isetan in Meilong Town that NUK’s baby powder is still on sale, and the merchant said that it had not received any notice of removal.

Germany’s NUK China general agent said that its baby powder is in South Korea from raw materials to filling, and the formula is uniform worldwide.

However, the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau stated that at the moment Shanghai Port has not found any entry records for NUK baby powder.

Shanghai NUK General Agent: Products imported from South Korea Yesterday, South Korea’s Central Daily News Agency disclosed to the Morning Post that Boring Pharmaceuticals, which was found to contain asbestos in baby powder, has a cooperative relationship with German NUK.

The official website of Korea Boring Pharmaceuticals confirms that German NUK products come from Boring Pharmaceuticals, especially NUK’s infant skin care products and pacifier milk products.

On the official website of Boring Pharmaceuticals, the German NUK brand is listed in the list of skin care products and breastfeeding product brands.

In the introduction of the skincare products on the Borning Pharmaceuticals website, the NUK brand was first listed, with a special introduction: “NUK infant skincare products were developed through a series of rigorous scientific experiments by the research institutions of Boring Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

“The person in charge of the German NUK China general agent Suzhou Debao Baby Products Co., Ltd. said last night that NUK baby powder is a fully imported product, and it is in South Korea from raw materials to filling.

Yesterday morning, the relevant person in charge of the general agent of the German NUK infant products company in China told the media that they had understood the relevant situation, but because they had not received the notification, they had no plans to remove it.

The person in charge confirmed that there is only one type of talcum powder in NUK, and the formula is globally uniform.

Municipal Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau: No entry records were found. The Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau found that at the Shanghai Port, no entry records for South Korean Boryeong Baby Powder and NUK Baby Powder have been found at the Shanghai Port.

The original person explained that this does not mean that there are problems in the entry lawsuits of these products sold in the market.

For example, they can enter from other provinces and cities in China, and then enter the Shanghai market through logistics; they can also make the brand apply for inspection under the name of another agency when entering the country, and there will be no brand name in the inspection records.

However, one thing is certain: if these talcum powders are approved for entry from the Shanghai port, the quarantine staff will certainly carry out inspections in accordance with the standards of the People’s Republic of China and will release them only after they are qualified.

The bureau stated that it would continue to pay attention to this matter and decide on the next move under the unified arrangement of the AQSIQ.

Ministry of Health: Asbestos as a cosmetic filler According to a report by Korea ‘s “Central Daily”, the Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency said that infant talcum powder produced by Boring Pharmaceuticals has detected a class 1 carcinogen asbestos.

The Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency instructed that these products be gradually recovered and destroyed.

Asbestos can enter the human body through the respiratory system. When rubbing powder, the powder may fly to the nasal cavity and enter the human body through the respiratory system.

Although the powder cannot penetrate the skin, if there is a wound on the skin, it may enter the body through the wound.

According to China ‘s Ministry of Health ‘s cosmetic hygiene regulations, asbestos is a substitute for cosmetic ingredients.

Infant talcum powder has detected asbestos due to raw talc.

Talc is one of the minerals. It is buried underground with serpentine containing asbestos, so it often contains asbestos in its natural form.

Because of this, the US and Europe and other general regulations prohibit the use of talc in infant and toddler products after 2005.

Yesterday, a reporter from the Morning Post saw on the packaging of “NUK Baby Powder” that it clearly marked the main ingredient “natural talcum powder”.