After being killed by Mertens in a week, Wang Qiang still donated 4 for the fight against the epidemic.50,000 yuan

The WTA Doha Super 5 started the first round of competition tonight, and Wang Qiang lost to defending champion Mertens 1-6, 2-6.Following last week’s Dubai Open, Wang Qiang was double killed by Mertens a week ago.After the Australian Open, Wang Qiang participated in the Thailand Open and Dubai Open.In two races, Wang Qiang ‘s foreign teacher Thomas returned to France and failed to compete with her.Coming to Doha this week, Thomas has joined Wang Qiang.At the Dubai Open last week, Wang Qiang lost to Mertens in the first round.After losing that game, Wang Qiang bluntly did not know what to do on the field, and lost in a daze.Coming to Doha this week, the two met again in the first round.As in last week’s match in Dubai, Wang Qiang only got three games tonight, and eventually lost to Mertens 1-6, 2-6, and suffered a three-game losing streak after causing a three-game winning streak.Despite missing the second round of the Doha Super 5 match, Wang Qiang, who won three games, still collapsed 3,000 yuan for the disaster-stricken area in China.So far, after three matches in Thailand, Dubai and Doha, Wang Qiang has donated 45,000 yuan.After finishing the Doha Super 5 match, Wang Qiang returned to Dubai to represent the Chinese team in the Confederations Cup Asian Region Group I competition from March 3 to 8.The Asian Region Group I competition was originally scheduled to take place in Dongguan, China in early February. However, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the competition was eventually changed to Dubai.Six teams from China, South Korea, India, Uzbekistan, Southeast Asia and Chinese Taipei will compete for the qualification for the two World Class play-offs.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang Editor Zhang Yunfeng Proofreading Jia Ning