Nine shoulder inflammation exercises


Nine shoulder inflammation exercises

Nowadays, patients with frozen shoulder are no longer increasing middle-aged and elderly people. Some young people also have symptoms of frozen shoulder. Many young people like to wear clothing, which causes the shoulder to be cold. After a long time, there will be frozen shoulder. The patient will start to have symptoms.Obviously, but the development of the disease, sometimes the patient will not even wear pain when wearing clothes and combing hair. Therefore, once the periarthritis of the shoulder is treated, it is necessary to treat it early and exercise more in life.

Patients do more shoulder movements, especially for a large amount of exercise, each time for 10 minutes, to prevent adhesion of the shoulder joints, the tightness of the shoulder soft tissue, shrinkage, and greatly benefit.

For patients with mild shoulder inflammation, it can be cured by adhering to functional exercise.

Exercise every morning in the following way, insist on at least 3 months, the unhealed person insists on shorter, can exercise for a long time, is good for the treatment and prevention of frozen shoulder.

1: Bend the waist and bend the shoulders to bend the arms and make the shoulder joints rotate. The movements are from small to large, from slow to fast.

2: Climbing the wall to face the face, use your hands or one hand to slowly crawl upwards, so that the upper limbs try to lift, and then slowly return to the original, repeated several times.

3: Pull the hands behind the body backwards, and pull the affected wrist from the healthy side, and gradually pull up and repeat.

4: External rotation exercise stands against the wall, clenching the elbow, and swinging the arm, trying to make the fist back touch it, repeated several times.

5: Both shoulders and the abduction movements crossed the back of the neck, and the shoulder joint tried to admit and abduct, repeated several times.

6: 鐢?hand exercise the patient’s body parts, do shoulder joint flexion, extension and adduction, abduction movement, the range of motion from small to large, repeated.

7: Support the patient to hold the fixed hands (such as the bedside, the table side) to do the lower jaw, and pull the affected limb with the weight to straighten up.

8: After stretching, the patient stands back at the table, hands behind the table, and repeatedly doing squatting exercises to strengthen the extension of the shoulder joint.


Bend the waist and turn the shoulders. The patient bends the arm and shakes the arm. The shoulder is the center, and the movement is extended from the inside or from the outside to the inside. The shoulder joint movement is driven by the movement of the arm.