5 big eating habits let the fat sneak away


5 big eating habits let the fat sneak away

Are you still struggling for a diet, and you should pay attention to the MM who are shaping the slim body!

Your eating habits may break your good body.

5 healthy eating habits keep you in shape and let the flesh fall.

銆€銆€Daily habits 1: The principle of weight loss after soup first: eating the order first to eat soup and then eating meat is more in line with the health concept, and can lose weight, which is very popular to replace the weight loss slimming skills.

According to the healthy eating order, it is not easy to feel hungry and reduce the desire to eat snacks.

銆€銆€Implementation steps: first drink plenty of water, transfer to the soup, these soups can quickly produce satiety; then eat vegetables, mix in the salad dressing vegetables, should first cook vegetables or stir-fry; then the staple food, breadThe rice is the third place to eat, meat, fish and other protein and unfortunate food are eaten together.

銆€銆€Daily habits 2: Three meals a day to lose weight principle: Some people think that saving a meal can reduce the substitution of transfer, this view is considered wrong by nutritionists.

If the interval is too long, the brain will accumulate energy until the next meal.

That is to say, this meal does not eat, you will eat more than the normal food intake in the next meal, and unfortunately it will accumulate a lot.

It turns out that a meal less does not mean the extent of a meal.

銆€銆€Implementation steps: insist on three meals a day, just adjust the eating habits.

銆€銆€Daily habits 3: Eat “grinding” weight loss principle: extend the meal time to 20 minutes.

It often takes 20 minutes for the brain to tell itself that I am full.

Therefore, experts suggest that the shortening time should be controlled for more than 20 minutes, and it is necessary to eat slowly, which can be 鈥渆at and thin鈥?

And medical experts also believe that eating meals and eating fast food, and eating even at home is like a race, this is not a good appetite.

People who eat too fast, often not necessarily good in the body, will soon be obese because of too much eating.

銆€銆€Implementation steps: Change hands to make chopsticks.

Use the less frequently used hand to hold the chopsticks, so that you won’t have too many dishes at once, so the amount of each bit is naturally reduced.

Or put down the chopsticks after each dish, and develop the habit of chewing food.

銆€銆€Daily habits 4: Slowly swallowing weight loss principle: Produce satiety through a small amount of food, and pay attention to chewing.

The advantage of chewing is that even a small amount of food can still convey a signal of satiety to the brain.

It is often gorged for work reasons. Over time, it has become a habit. Although I worry about whether my stomach still maintains the original shape, I still pick up the chopsticks and still swallow the leaves.

I accidentally eat too fast and too much, and have excess nutrition.

銆€銆€Implementation steps: Every bite of food or at least 30 chews is key.

Even if you don’t eat much in one bite, as long as you chew slowly, let the food stay in the mouth for a longer time, and you will get a feeling of fullness.

銆€銆€Daily habits 5: Brushing teeth after a meal to lose weight principle: In order to eliminate the bad habit of pouting, brushing your teeth immediately after a meal is a good way, or brush your teeth when you eat too much, the feeling of refreshing in the mouth will make people’s mood followIt’s easy to have the idea of 鈥渂rushing your teeth and not wanting to destroy it because of snacks鈥?

銆€銆€Implementation steps: Use your favorite brushing tools and toothpaste, even if the price is expensive, as long as it can help you prevent obesity, it is worth it.

People who usually eat sweets do not hinder the choice of fruit-flavored toothpaste, so that the sweetness in the mouth conveys a full message to the brain, which is said to have been shown to have an appetite-suppressing effect.