Four aerobics exercises you can do in bed

Four aerobics exercises you can do in bed

are you gonna sleep?

Use the time to lie on the bed to do some exercise, not much time, but can exercise the beautiful curve and health, from the perspective of return on investment, what other reasons can be solved?


  Health Exercise One 1.

Lie flat on your bed with your feet straight.


Bend your right foot to the left and insert your right heel next to your left thigh.


Hold down your right wrist with your left hand and press down (try to keep your left shoulder and right knee close to the bed).


Look to the right from the right and change sides after 5 seconds.

PS: This action should be done on an empty stomach.

  Effect: It can beautify the leg curve, increase gastrointestinal motility, improve constipation, eliminate ribs, back and waist excess meat.

  Health Exercise 2 1.

Lie flat with your hands behind your head and hold your feet straight together.


Straighten the back of your feet, slowly raise your legs, and lift as high as you can.


Hook the soles of your feet inward to tilt your hamstrings for 4 or 5 seconds and then slowly lower them.

  Effect: It can eliminate the fat abdomen. If the feet are easily cramped, this action is also very helpful.

  Health Exercise Three 1.

Bend your feet, hold your hands, hold your thighs close to your abdomen, and lift your head.


Make your body roll on the bed like a ball.

  Effect: It has the function of exhaust, which helps to eliminate stool and excretion.

Raising your head reduces the slope of the curve.

  Fourth of Health Exercises 1.

Lie flat on your back with your legs straight and your hands above your head.


Lift your feet up, raise the back for 5 seconds, then lower it.

  Effect: It helps to reduce the size of the underarm and rat’s crotch, can promote blood circulation, and improve the curve of the hip.