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Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin at No Cost

Skin must resist the harsh weather and also deal with a dry indoor environment.

How can you have healthy skin without requiring too much tedious work?

In addition to doing basic maintenance sooner or later, what other methods can make skin glow?

Chen Chen, a living editor, has collected a variety of beautiful skin secrets for you, so that you can easily deal with winter skin problems!


hzh {display: none; }  爱美不一定非要付出大把的钞票,下面教你三种方法,不花钱同样能让你美容美肤。  Massage does not cost money and skin massage is extremely important to the skin.

Moderate massage can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, make the subcutaneous layer of the skin not easy to accumulate, and insist on regular and regular massage, so that the beautification of the skin has a significant effect.

  Massage products are replaced according to the desired effect. In principle, the products are non-irritating, pure neutral, and suitable for oriental women’s skin.

For normal cleansing, you can choose to use deep cleansing milk or cleansing gel made of high-grade pure vegetable oil for massage and face washing.

Can directly penetrate pores, remove excess dirt and pores from ordinary cleansing and soaping, or cosmetics pigments.

  In order to make the refractive index of the massage nourish and penetrate, you can use natural extraction formula with biochemical essence massage cream to massage the face. For example, for dry skin, use a moisturizing massage cream, and for oily skin, use a fresh massage cream.

However, it is not only effective immediately with massage alone. The most important thing is to patiently care for the skin and cooperate with the massage to achieve complementary effects.

Facial massage time should be moderate, not too long or too short. It must be determined according to the nature, condition and age of the skin. Massage more on dry skin and less on oily skin.

Generally, oily skin is massaged for 5-10 minutes a week, normal skin for 10-15 minutes, dry skin for 15-20 minutes, and allergic skin for up to 5 minutes or no massage.

If you are an elderly person, add 5 minutes each. It is best to massage and apply your face every week.

  Dry skin is not prone to acne and facial blisters, but it is prone to small wrinkles, especially the corners of the eyes and the two sides of the eyes. It is best to massage for 2-3 minutes every night.

When allergic or oily skin pores are ruptured, massage is not suitable. Because sebum splits, massage will infect infections and complications, resulting in more severe facial blister.

In addition, those under 25 years of age, because of better skin elasticity and metabolism, can be massaged for about 5-10 minutes a week. Over-massage is likely to have adverse effects.

For young people who are prone to acne and facial pimples, pay attention to checking the skin first, and choose a method that is suitable for the skin’s cleansing, maintenance, and application to prevent and improve the facial skin.

The metabolism of the skin can not promote absorption even after being massaged. The dirt deposited in the skin must be removed before the skin beauty effect can be achieved by massage.

  SPA DIY at home allows you to beautify your skin without spending money. Do you always have the trouble of wanting to be beautiful but not willing to spend money?

In fact, there are some simple DIYs that allow you to easily make a simple spa without spending money on a beauty vacation!

  (1) Cleansing: Cleansing is the first priority in any beauty step. If the cleaning is not done well, then the effect of the next action will be greatly reduced!

Wash your hair first, and then evenly absorb the conditioner. After washing your face, wrap your face with a hot towel and massage it for a deep cleansing.

  (2) Exfoliating: Wipe the whole body with a beauty care soap, and rub it back and forth on the back with a long towel to remove dirt and old cuticles; soak in warm hot water on the feetHorny, so when you wear sandals in summer, you will be beautiful!

  (3) Steam warmth: The so-called warmth is hot and cold, so just turn on the hot water to fill the bathroom with hot steam, open the skin pores of the whole body for 3-5 minutes, and then shower the whole body with cold water.Keep the pores closed to stimulate blood circulation.

  (4) Bathing with essential oils: The next step is happy bathing!

Put on some essential oils you like, remember to massage a lot, the effect will be better.

  (5) Skin care: I believe that everyone is already familiar with it, so just follow your own routine of maintaining skin on your body.

Just to remind you that you can do more focused massages on the chest, hips, and waist. It is so simple to have a forward protrusion and a thin waist.

  Drinking water properly does not cost money, but also beautiful skin1, in the morning, carefully replenish water. Many women consider drinking water after waking up as a daily homework.

But how to make up in the morning to be healthy?

In fact, there are no rules, and breakfast hydration varies from person to person.

  People who are thin, white, and have a cold physique are not suitable to replace sub-temperature milk, juice or cold water in the morning. They can be replaced with warm soup and porridge.

Freshly squeezed juice is not suitable for the empty stomach in the morning, and it should be placed with breakfast even in summer.

  Replenishing water and avoiding salt in the morning, thick broth in the pot, and salty coriander soup are not suitable for the morning, which will only increase the hunger of the body in the morning.

  2, the most hydrating before meals, nourishing the stomach before eating?Doesn’t that dilute the gastric juice and affect digestion?

Western food has an appetizing step before meals. The reason is to use soup to mobilize appetite, lubricate the esophagus, and prepare for meals.

So, hydration before meals has the same meaning. Before entering solid food, drink a half cup (about 100 ml), which can be indoor fruit juice, yogurt, warm rock sugar chrysanthemum water or light tea.Or a small bowl of thick appetizing soup is a good way to nourish the stomach.

  3. Drink plenty of invisible water. Some people don’t seem to drink water all day long. That’s because the water absorbed by food is enough to meet the needs.

Food is also edible. Certain rice is rich in 60%, and porridge is even richer.

Opening the food composition table is not serious. The volume of vegetables and fruits is generally more than 70%. Even if you only eat 500 grams of fruits and vegetables a day, you can get 300–400 ml of water (with two arms).

In addition, the daily diet is about dry and thin mix, so it is not difficult to get 1500-2000 ml of water from three meals.

It is better to make full use of the opportunity of three meals to hydrate, and choose more fruits and vegetables and non-salty soup and porridge, the hydration effect is good.

  4. Remember that water-friendly foods are foods that increase the body’s water excretion, such as watermelon, coffee, and tea, which contain diuretic residues, which can promote the formation of kidney urine; and coarse grains, vegetables, and fruits that contain dietary fiberIt can bind a large amount of water in the body and increase the weight of feces; spicy stimulating ingredients promote the relaxation of capillary on the body surface, people sweat, and the water on the body surface is lost.

Whether it is tonic or benefit, it is a means to achieve body water balance.