“Yes.is it.Hahaha。”Watergate touched his yellow hairless head with holes and smiled.。

Actually, Shunhuo talked to Watergate before,Early revealed to Watergate that he was the second and fifth son of Hydra arranged in S.H.I.E.L.D.。
Watergate is a pretty reasonable person,Even if the nine tails were released with soil,Kill yourself and Jiuxina,Even almost destroyed Konoha,Pratunam doesn’t hate soil,I regret that I didn’t have time to get to Dai Tu,Save the soil。
Actually,Watergate didn’t care much about his current body,To be able to resurrect and meet Kushina again,Can take another look at Naruto,Watergate already feels satisfied。
As long as S.H.I.E.L.D. does not do anything to destroy the Ninja World,Watergate is still very grateful to SHIELD。
For Shunhuo’s self is also the second to fifth remarks,Watergate believes that the credibility is still very high,The water gate that can be Hokage is naturally not as simple as it seems。
Although the Ninja World has been a little uneasy due to the appearance of SHIELD,But Pratunam still discovered that every time S.H.I.E.L.D. had done something, it was basically thunder and rain.,Combined with the identity of the deputy director of SHIELD,Water Gate knew a lot in an instant。
Watergate was moved and broken,Patted Shun Huo on the shoulder and said:“Hard for you all these years,Instant fire。”
Shun Huo also subconsciously replied:“Not hard,Serve the villagers of Konoha。”
“Do not,To serve the entire Ninja world。”
Look at this enlightenment,You deserve to be a Hokage,then,Instant Fire and Watergate reached an agreement。
In order to avoid the identities of the second and fifth sons of Instant Fire,Watergate never told anyone about this,At the same time, under the request of the flash fire, I have been holding back myself and stopping Kushina from interfering with anything that happened during this period.。
Back to the topic,Here, with Naruto in the fairy fox state, successfully rushed,Adult Hinata was obviously relieved:“I’m fine,Naruto。”
Although I have scars on my body,But not fatal。
“Human Zhuli and Tail Beast can reach a settlement,Hokage in this era is really interesting。”
After hearing the sound of age spots,Mingren noticed his current enemy,One say one,Naruto, who has always respected the old and loved the young, is still a little uncomfortable,So he decided to show his mouth to escape:“Both humans and tail beasts can reconcile,Not to mention humans and humans。”
“Humph,Is it still the one between the pillars?,After coming here,I also learned a little bit about this era,The peace now is only based on your strength,Right now, the photo synergy of the other four villages is probably not your opponent.,This also just shows that my peace concept is correct!”
“It looks like,I can’t convince you。”
“It’s been a long time since I played against a strong person。”
The battle is on the verge of。