Hula hoop may not be effective for weight loss

Hula hoop may not be effective for weight loss

Hula hoop is also a sport of our daily activities. Many people like to turn hula hoop. Many female friends turn hula hoop to slim down, but is it really useful?

Xiaobian will tell everyone about the hula hoop, let’s take a look.

  Hula hoop can have weight loss effect, turning hula hoop is a continuous activity to achieve the effect of weight loss, so as to reach the stage of aerobic exercise, which can consume the body’s unfortunate and excessive energy.

  In addition, the hula hoop can not help the peristalsis of the intervention, promote digestion of the stomach and intestines, can also clear the bowel movements, and thus effectively correct constipation.

In addition, turning the hula hoop can speed up the body’s blood circulation too!

  How long does a hula hoop turn? Generally speaking, 4-6 times a week, 2-3 groups at a time, each group 20-30 minutes, with a break of 20-30 minutes, generally not more than 45 minutes.

  Turning hula hoop is a kind of whole body exercise, which can achieve the effect of weight loss, but at least the duration of exercise must be long enough.

  Because the hula hoop’s exercise intensity is actually not strong, only a proper extension of the exercise time and continuous activity can reach the aerobic exercise stage, and only this can consume a small amount and excessive time stored by the body.

  It is better to choose a heavy or light hula hoop. Many people think that it is better to choose a heavy hula hoop, so that the force coefficient that can be used can throw away more aunts.

Actually not, the key lies in personal constitution and body problems.

  If you have a weak body and a small body, and you choose some kind of heavier hula hoop, it will take a lot of effort when you start to dump. For you, it will become exercise.

But if your time is not long enough, such a short momentary exercise is only anaerobic exercise, you will only feel the soreness of the whole body, and will not have the effect of weight loss.

  In addition, when the hula hoop is too heavy, it hits the tibia, and the power of the organs at the tail penetrates, which may hurt these parts.

Therefore, it is recommended to add a moderate weight hula hoop.

  Not suitable for people who turn to hula hoop to lose weight. Waist rotation exercises are of medium exercise intensity. Teenagers, those with weak waist and abdomen muscles, those who are fat and moderately resistant to you, young men and women with waist adult accumulation.Can turn hula hoop to thin waist.

  However, children, the elderly, high blood pressure, hypertensive lumbar osteogenesis, and patients with lumbar disc herniation should be used with caution. Hypertension and high blood pressure patients should not be used.

  The part where the hula hoop is twisted and vibrated is exactly at the junction of the thoracolumbar spine, but experts believe that the amount of exercise of the hula hoop is not large, and it is difficult to achieve weight loss.

  Improper exercise can easily lead to adverse consequences.

Because the hula hoop is a simple waist exercise, the amount of exercise is not large, in order to achieve the purpose of weight loss, the exercise time must be long enough, and continuous exercise, in order to consume the body’s stored small and excessive calories.