Different types of vegetables are most suitable for cooking

Different types of vegetables are most suitable for cooking

Different vegetables contain different nutritional ingredients, so the most suitable cooking methods for different vegetables are not the same. Some are suitable for raw eating, and some must be cooked to release the maximum nutrients.

  The nutrients contained in vegetables, such as vitamin C and vitamin B family, are easily destroyed by cooking, and eating raw is conducive to the preservation of these nutrients.

However, due to the variety of vegetables, some vegetables are best cooked in boiling water and eaten; some vegetables must be cooked thoroughly before consumption.

  Suitable for raw vegetables carrots, white radishes, water radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, Chinese cabbage hearts, purple cabbage, etc.

It is best to choose pollution-free green or organic vegetables when eating raw.

The method of eating raw foods includes homemade vegetable juice, adding fresh vegetables with vinegar, salt, olive oil, etc., and dipping them into sauce.

  Vegetables that need to be scrambled Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, etc., taste better after they are cooked. They are rich in cellulose and are easier to digest; spinach, bamboo shoots, and white oxalic acid-containing vegetables are also best.Because oxalic acid combines with calcium in alkaline to form difficult-to-absorb calcium calcium oxalate, which interferes with the body’s absorption of calcium; and can promote digestion and absorption; wild herbs such as purslane can completely remove dust and bugs, and prevent allergies.

Lettuce and coriander should be peeled, washed and boiled with boiling water before eating.

  Cooked vegetables1.

1. Starch-containing vegetables, such as potatoes, taro, yam, etc. must be cooked, otherwise the starch grains in them will not break and the human body cannot digest them

2. Lentils and green beans containing a large amount of saponin and hemagglutinin must be cooked and discolored when consumed; 3.

The bean sprouts must be cooked and eaten, whether they are cold or fried.

  Fresh yellow flowers, fungus can not eat fresh fungus and fresh day lily contain toxins do not eat.

When eating dried fungus, it is advisable to soak the hair with warm water before cooking, and do not eat the part that is still tightened together after soaking; dry yellow flowers are better made with cold water.

  Raw and cooked dishes are the most beneficial dishes. Raw and cooked dishes are paired with each other and cannot be overcome by the body.

For example, there are many types of radishes. It is better to eat raw with more juice and less spicy, but it is a cold food, and those with yin deficiency constitution should still be cooked.

Some foods have different nutritional ingredients when eaten raw or cooked.

For example, tomatoes contain lycopene, which reduces the risk of prostate and liver cancer, and you should eat them if you want to supplement them.

But if you want to add vitamin C, eating raw will be better, because vitamin C is easily lost during the casting process.