Lazy mother’s alternative parenting lazy trick

Lazy mother’s alternative parenting “lazy” trick

There are three realms of parenthood. The first is the technique of busy parenting, the second is the technique of parenting, and the third is the technique of parenting.
With the continuous improvement of the state, parents have risen from “child care workers” to “child care experts”.
  The busy parenting work has made parents devote 100% of their energy, and when they are exhausted, they still feel weak and have little effect.
It can be seen that a diligent parent with 100 points may not necessarily get 100 points.
Rather than take a breath, take a short break, steal a little lazy, ca n’t be a 100-point hardworking mother, then change roles and become a 70-point “lazy” mother, maybe there will be unexpected gains.
Is this OK?
Of course!
Come listen to the real experience of “lazy” moms!
  ”Lazy” has “lazy”. Fu Lai educates in the name of “lazy” 号 No. 1 “lazy” mother-Xiao Yan: After the birth of the civil servant, his son became a treasure for the whole family.
Grandpa, grandma, grandfather and grandma turn around the little one: the son wants to drink milk, grandma takes milk powder, grandpa takes the bottle, grandpa pours water, and grandma takes the towel!
That busy, no less than the Queen Mother’s meal.
I understand that educating children must not overly accommodate him.
However, facing the high enthusiasm of the elderly, I cannot implement this concept.
  When the baby was two years old, he wanted to do everything. Although grandparents were very happy, they always kept saying, “Baby is still small, baby is still small!
Grandma does it!
“That’s it, the enthusiasm of the little guy’s work has died halfway through.
  When the New Year, the old people have returned to their hometown. Now I have no worries and decided to carry out “laziness” to the end-my son wants to eat cookies, and he asked me to take them.
I said, “Go alone and your mother is tired.
“He refused. We were deadlocked. In the end, he compromised and ran to get cookies by himself.
  Our family of three came back from shopping, tired, and my father and I lay in bed and said to the baby, “We are tired. Take a rest. If you don’t rest, you can watch TV in the living room.
“The son was unhappy, but we all closed our eyes. After thinking about it, he walked out of the room and did not forget to close the door for us.
My husband and I looked at each other and smiled. I quietly got up and followed him.
The little boy opened the refrigerator, took the yogurt, turned on the TV, and sat alone on the sofa, looking remarkably.
  Under our “indifference”, my son learned how to put on and take off pants, eat chopsticks to eat, and packed his own toys during the Spring Festival, which surprised me.
  When the elderly came back after the Chinese New Year, I was so happy to see that my baby grandson could “service” them!
Sometimes, they habitually want to do the labor for themselves, and the son will still grow up with “Baby, I can do it myself!”
“To refuse.
The father-in-law said secretly to the husband: “Look at your lazy daughter-in-law, he won’t even bring his son, let him come by himself. Can he bear such a small child?
But I’m glad that because of my “laziness”, I have created a son who loves labor.
  ”Lazy” is just right 号 “Lazy” mother No. 2-Chu Yun: Radio editor I was born to be a lazy.
This is beyond question.
  An industrious mother may be regarded as a model; while a lazy mother will be looked down upon.
However, I think that a child raised by a diligent mother may be lazy-because the mother is too diligent, the baby does nothing and does not learn anything; the child of a lazy mother may be just the opposite.
The key is when the mother should be diligent and when she should be lazy.
  On the weekend, our family sat watching TV together. I wanted to drink water and didn’t want to move, so I shouted, “Baby, give me a glass of water!
“After the baby poured water, I praised immediately:” The baby is really sensible, and since childhood I have known to honor my mother!
“The baby is very proud and asks his father if he wants to drink water?
Does grandma need to drink water?Serve our whole family.

  Perhaps this scene is in the eyes of the diligent mother. They are afraid that the child will break the water glass and burn the flesh, so they will not stop and take a rest if they are tired.

Slowly, the baby will feel that the mother is like Superman and will never tire.

She didn’t need the help of others. She might be confused and scolded, so she was happy to let her mother do it.

  I often say: “My daughter is really capable, much better than her mother when she was a kid.

“This radical skill is very effective. My daughter is very capable now, and I’m at ease.

Now when I have a headache and brain heat, I’m stunned, and I will let my daughter bring tea and water to take food. If my back is sore, I will even make an announcement to let my daughter massage me a few times;Being by my side can at least make me aware of her small alignment and care, which is more effective than those drugs!

  No. 3 “lazy” mother who grew up because of “laziness”-Jiao Yang: The teacher’s mother lived in my house, and was finally “qi” away.

Before I left, I lost a sentence: “I have never seen a lazy mother like you, I treat children like this, I can’t stand it!”

“Mothers adhere to the traditional concept of parenting: they think that mothers should spend time with their children, and baby’s time is mother’s time.

While I was busy with my work all day, I had little time to spend with my baby. When the baby was very young, I let him sleep in a separate room and learn to fold the quilt by myself.

  At night, my baby and I each occupied a study in the study. I wrote the manuscript and he read.

Sometimes, when he came to entangle me, I always said, “Mom is very busy. When things are done, I will tell you a story. Now is our time.

“One time, the unit leader asked me to go to college for further studies.

But when I thought of going out for three months, I still couldn’t let my son down.

Before leaving, I will have to work overtime, and my son ‘s shared reading class will be temporarily changed to Sunday. Now I have to take my son to work.

I thought my son would definitely “make trouble”, but he didn’t expect him to be surprised, but he kept asking this and asking. When he saw that I was busy preparing lessons and changing homework, my son handed me a piece of sugar and said:”Mom, you are not lazy.

“On the way home, I told my son and mother that he loved this job as much as he loved painting and loved Altman. He told him that his mother wanted to study to make her work better, just like he kept onEat and learn to grow up quickly.

  The son understood and took the initiative to imitate the little finger: “Lagou, mother cheers.

You have to call me every day and we grow up together.

“Now, when I work, my son will never come to haunt me again. He obediently does his own thing.

Difficulties will also take the initiative to find solutions.

He is still the best kid in the reading class. The teacher’s evaluation is: strong self-care ability.

  Do the three mothers’ thoughts make you yearn for lazy parenting?

When you want to try to be a “lazy” mother one day, please remember that “lazy” has a “lazy” method.


Being lazy and not lazy to be a “lazy” mother is not for the sake of leisure and ease, but for good intentions.

Through personality, storytelling and other ways, let children know the truth of “doing their own thing”.

The baby’s future must be created by himself. The independent ability to live is the basic principle of one’s survival and development.

And this ability is not born, it is cultivated and exercised from an early age.

If parents arrange everything for their children, they are depriving them of the opportunity to know the world and exercise themselves.

Being a “lazy” mother is for the sake of the child and is responsible for the child’s growth.

  Actually, being a lazy mother is not easy at all.

In many cases, letting children do things on their own is not only difficult, but also more troublesome.

The baby is separated from the adult, and she has to get up and cover her many times during the night; the baby eats by herself, and is everywhere, so he has to wash, clean the table, and mop the floor; the children ‘s own socks and handkerchief are not clean, so they have to be heavyWash it again; the child takes a bath by himself, and he has to clean up for a long time. Of course, it is faster and more convenient without worrying about direct arrangements.

But it is a good opportunity to promote your baby’s growth.


Expressing love to each other Love is mutual. Babies need love, and so do parents.

Babies have a good life. They do n’t know the hardships and feelings of their parents. How can they know that their parents also need love?

  Silently dedicated mothers must also learn to be lazy.On the morning of the weekend, you might as well sleep lazily and complain about your baby: “Mom is really hard. For you, my mother sleeps a lot less laziness.

“Parents have their own working and living space, and being lazy on their own is actually giving the baby the opportunity to cultivate his independence.

And they don’t take parental deeds for granted.

Moms ca n’t rate themselves on a 100-point scale. It ‘s the child ‘s business to live, eat, eat and live. Mom is not a “full-time nanny!

  Of course, missing love may make your baby uncomfortable and emotional.

That mom and dad must always talk about love and let the child reverse the innocent idea that “parents don’t love me anymore.”


Trust more and complain less. There are many hardworking mothers who want to do everything for their babies, but they are reluctant to do it, and blame the babies while doing: “How can you do nothing?

Mom was able to hit the streets with soy sauce when you were as old as you.

“If you do n’t count,” Whoever is really smart and will eat on your own “. When the matter is not finished, the baby has long been discouraged and has no confidence, let alone letting the baby do it by himself will be derivedHow many complaints.

  The baby is still young, and mistakes are unavoidable. Please do not use adult’s specifications to restrict him. Believe your baby, he has his own problem-solving plan.

Give your baby more encouragement and praise, less blame and complaints, and your baby will have more confidence and satisfaction.