Shen Huan is a genius,Genius can learn math well,Naturally you can learn agronomy——As long as he wants。

Professor Wu Weihong, Dean of School of Agriculture and Biotechnology,I said in private chat,If Shen Huan keeps working hard,I’m afraid not10Time of year,The Department of Agriculture will be able to produce another academician trained by itself。
The prerequisite is that Shen Huan must be serious。
Like next year4I’m going to play basketball for a few months,Then it takes another month to advertise,The situation of being deserted in three or four months,Best not to show up again。
But everyone understands,This must not stop Shen Huan。
It’s a super contract of hundreds of millions of dollars,How many interests are involved?
When eating at noon,Zhou Xilan is sitting next to Shen Huan,Urging him to hurry up after eating,Take him and go out。
The reporter station master of the Agricultural University,Cheerful, generous and beautiful school.Flower classmate,Did not notice,Her urgent action,So many male classmates feel ashamed。
Shen Huan has charm in other places,They just heard,Never seen。
But after coming to school,Short2Captured classmate Zhou Xilan in just a month,That’s something everyone knows。
This is not the first time Zhou Xilan has come to see Shen Huan,Several times in a row。
And they date very boldly。
Many students see them talking and laughing at the breeding test site from time to time,Sometimes hug and nibble。
Shen Huan:“!?”
Zhou Xilan:“!?”
For these rumors,Both of them have also heard,But Zhou Xilan doesn’t care at all。
In her opinion,The man you like must be the one who stays with him until he gets old,A big carrot like Shen Huan,Absolutely not suitable for me。