However this spear,But silently,But its huge power has reached the limit of the true god of the void。

One palm,Holding a spear。
The energy that easily kills the ordinary Void True God is suppressed by this palm。
however,The owner of the spear is not surprised but rejoiced,Because it can easily block this spear,Must be the Lord of Infinity。
“It’s you,Infinite Lord!”The huge body of the horned anaconda shrank rapidly,Becoming a half body is white and holy,Half-body ugly and evil world beast。
“World Beast Mohe。”Li Ming’s face is also full of smiles,The words are full of killing intent:“Era hasn’t arrived yet,Can’t wait to die!”
Take a shot!
“Your palm,Perhaps killed the main battle deity of Tier 6 World Beast,But it doesn’t work for me!”
Sneer,The spear of the world beast Mohe burst out suddenly,Form a force of destruction,Stabbed with a palm against Li Ming。
really,Although the power of this thorn is a little weaker,But it is extremely cohesive,The implied will to destroy is also extremely strong。Overall power,Already at the eternal true god level。
Silent,Li Ming’s palm is pierced by a spear,Although more than 60% of the remaining power still burst,But the perfection of the moves is destroyed,Make the world beast Mohe escape。
Li Ming frowned and retracted his palm,The knockdown just now did not cause any threat to him,It can only be regarded as barely resisting his attack。
“good chance!”Mohe’s eyes lit up,Show his strongest move。
The blood of the world beast in the body burns wildly,Unbounded light lasing out of the body。
White lines on the body surface,Holy breath rises,Into the boundless light。
Extremely holy,But a fuzzy floating shadow of the real world beast king appeared behind him。
When the floating shadow of the world beast king appeared,Li Ming’s face changed slightly。