18.60,000 US dollars!Forest Goblin becomes the North American weekend ticket

18.60,000 US dollars!”Forest Goblin” becomes the North American weekend ticket
On May 25, the horror film “Forest Ghost” produced by IFC, an independent film distribution company, won 18. in 59 theaters in North America last weekend.At the box office of $ 60,000, the film led the North American weekend box office list under the new crown pneumonia epidemic.IFC was the only issuing company that was willing to announce box office results during the epidemic, so it has consistently won the weekend box office championship. Since landing in the theater on May 1, the cumulative box office of “Ghost Forest” has reached 54.80 thousand dollars.The film tells a lot of strange things that happened after a little boy discovered an evil witch in the nearby woods. The film belongs to the typical small environment and few roles. It interprets the story of a family neighborhood-style “demon eats people”. It is reported that 348 of the 5,400 theaters in North America have already opened, including 169 car theaters.The previous week, only 21 car theaters opened, indicating that car theaters are becoming more and more popular in the United States.>>> During the epidemic, foreign automobile theaters have turned against the trend. Will domestic opportunities be ushered in? ? Secret Sauna, Yewang Editor Zhou Huixiaowan Edited by Huang Jialing Proofreading Wang Xin